In November of 2016, I asked my self a very serious question: why do I go out of my way to make my own life worse?

I’ve always had a terrible habit of saying “yes” to things I did’t want to do; I would hide how I really felt; I would lie about what I really wanted—both to other people and to myself. Not fun stuff. Suffice to say, I’ve been keen on a finding the reason ever since.

After lots of searching, reading, and self study, I found one. The answer is very simple, but comes at a huge cost.

See, what really baked my noodle was when I realized that for all those years I felt like a puppet being jerked around by fate or something else, I was the puppet master, I was the jerk.

The price for the answer was responsibility, and the solution, not surprisingly, was to take responsibility for my own problems and the role I played in creating them. It’s the most important thing I’ve ever learned, and sharing what I’ve learned is the most valuable thing I have to offer.

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