In 2007, I started a short-lived comedy writing blog. It was my first foray into websites and it quickly hooked me. In fact, I liked building and maintaining the site so much that I dropped the writing altogether to learn about design and development.

I fell deep down the rabbit hole of design and development. Photoshop, HTML+CSS, Typography, jQuery, WordPress, Color theory, Data Visualization, Python and Django. And now after a degree in graphic design, working as a User Experience designer for CALPers, being Creative Director of a web agency, and teaching web design at CSU, Sacramento—I still dig it.

Senior Developer

The hardest part of hiring a developer or designer is trust. You have to ask yourself “Is this person competent enough to do what I need done?”. It’s an important question.

To give you a better sense of my level of expertise and competence, I’ve prepared a list of insights and opinions on web development that will give you an idea of where I fit.

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Complex Problem Solving

I’ve studied math theory, philosophy and logic, and graphic design. A seemingly random mix at first. But they all work expressly in solving problems.

Divergent Thinking

There’s always a solution to something, it just may not be what you thought it was going to be. Alternative ideas, methods, and approaches give you more leverage. Goes hand-in-hand with Complex Problem Solving.

Clear Communication

Clear interpersonal communication may be the most important skill you can have. As a creative director, writing clear emails to clients, designers, and developers was a easily double-digit percentage of my role. Clear communication is the oil that makes the whole working process work. Design skills and coding chops don’t matter if you can’t write a good email.



  • B.S. Graphic Design, California State University, Sacramento 2011
  • B.S. Pure Mathematics, University of New Mexico 2002
  • B.A. Philosophy, University of New Mexico 2002